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    Why Technically Blonde?

    I'm going to answer the easy question first.
    Why technischblondine.blogger?
    Technically blonde was taken, and this means the same in german. I studied that in middle and highschool, it sticks with you.

    Why technically blonde?
    Started off as a joke really. It was one of the random line thrown my way when I first started the engineering program, when I was horribly shy and inadequate about my math skills and refused to talk. Therefore people tended to think I didn't know anything. Which was a lie! That last a year and a half, then I just stop caring. I came to school to learn, not because I already knew everything. And as for me liking the colour pink so much, oh well. I guess it just sort of shows that girly side of me that doesn't care, because I can back it up with facts. If I can't I'm willing to learn.

    So you're a girly girl?

    girly-ness is relative. In relation to the guys in my department, yes. In relation to most of the girls in my department, yes. In relation to the average girl my age, no. I do like the color pink, I have pink polos, golf clubs, tsquare, DMM, calculator cover, etc. However, I'm not much for shopping at malls, wearing heels, wearing makeup all the time, those girly things i do sparingly. Though I do constantly change my hair, which I'll have to tone down soon. I never watch mtv, sex and the city, BET, but that might be moreof my nerdy-ness than anything. So again it's all relative, and in the engineering coordinate system I suppose the answer's yes.

    So the purpose of this blog?
    I suppose to express my life starting out in this mad mad world. It's just my opinion of course, but being a girl in engineering has gotten a lot better. However, so far it seems to me that most people are willing to accept you being a woman engineer as long as you're doing certain jobs. There was a lot of concern when I started my internship with Hargrove and Associates, since I worked at a Paper Plant. But I loved it, I mostly stayed in the office filing away CAD drawings, but anytime I gotta chance to get out there. I did. When I got offered the position of a distribution engineer for a plant at Georgia Power, the idea that I'll at time be at the plant or in the beginning at the substation ( I have to rotate around all the departments the first few months) gave alot of people concern. My mother, as happy as she is for, still cannot picture me in a hard hat, steel toe shoes, safety glasses, calibrating magnets on amachine (which I've done before). Of course it also might just be a southern thing. Being a nice "genteel lady" with a nice desk engineer job. People keep asking why'd I want to do something that could be dangerous but my concern is to be safe. These people watch too many engineering disaster episodes of Modern Marvels. I know that there are somethings I'll have to change, like my hair to something hard hat friendly. Oh and office friendly since i've been known to have pink, lite blue or even red hair. lol.



    About me

    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.