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    so then I got this crazy asthma induced cold.

    I hate asthma… dang thing only bothers me if I get a cold in the winter… which hasn’t happened since 2006. I ususally get colds in the spring.

    So being taken to the ER, my exercise schedule got off by quite a bit this week. I just started being able to comfortably do push ups and situps. Probably won’t be able to start back walking until Monday. I get a little out of breath still.

    I’m taking this antibiotic and it’s making me so thirsty… but I’m also taking a steroid that’s making my apetite go up and I’ve been eating a lot of salty foods… But I think my brain after getting a salt induced headache (I don’t have high blood pressure per say, it’s around 110/70 but it rises really quickly when I eat a lot of salt) I think I’m going to go and drink a gallon of water when i get home… or at least half a gallon. I’m about to go to an orientation for my new tutoring position and I’m going have to stop some where and I get me a liter of water before my mouth turns into a desert.



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