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    Americorps update

    So I got offered a position. In California. Oakland California to be exact. It's a great position though, they do a lot of great things out there. They provide refurbished computers to students, offer free tech support, create free wireless spots around the area, and do a lot technology education. Eliminating the Digital Divide as it were.

    what's next? Well since I applied via CTVista I have to apply via the regular Americorps website which I did Friday. They have to go over my references and things. Somebody might call to ask so more questions and then I'll be listed as 'accepted' and I accept the offer and then I can finally learn some more about how I'm going to get over there and the things I need to do to prepare.

    I already know that I need to raise some money, since Americorps has you living on pauper's wages. Trying to find a temp job.

    I'm totally psyched!



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