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    Trying to come up with a fundraising plan.

    So, the job search is going... okay. I think I have some promise with a laundry store that's looking for some help while one of their main workers is on maternity leave. I'm thinking about other ways to raise some funds. I was thinking about making jewelry again, selling it on etsy this instead of LiveJournal. I'm pretty good see below for a few examples of my work.



    Not bad eh? At least worth 2- 5 USD plus shipping. That's what I found just off of this hard drive. I do have a bit of saving so I think it would be good to buy some more beads and things and see what happens. Michael's is ridiculously expensive so I think I will have to order from Fire Mountain Gems.

    I've also started working on the design for my website. I need to get that joker back up, rebuy my domain and all of that. At first I was thinking of a whiter liter website but I think I'm going back to a my classic pale pink and navy blue. I'm trying to go for a more vintage feel. I've got a few ideas in my head but not much on photoshop/ website manager yet.

    That's all for now.


    Syn said...

    Nicely done. The jewelery looks great! Good luck on your fund raising. I heard a teaching the other day that may be of some help to you as well.

    In the bible, it says that God will meet all of our needs, right?

    But when do you have a need?

    If your are saying things like this:
    "If I can get the money, I will do this."
    "If I can find the time, I will do this"
    "If I can get help, I will do this."

    Then you don't have a need. You are waiting of solutions to fall into your lap, to needs you don't have.

    Once you make the decision to do what ever it is, then you have a need. Then you need money, time, help, etc.

    Until then, there are no needs for God to meet.

    So, move forward with your plans! God will provide if you leave in His hands...

    Jasmine DK Shepard said...


    I needed to "hear" that, sometimes in my busy life I forget who's really in control.


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