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    Already Wednesday?

    How did that happen? I could've sworn it was Tuesday but it's not. The week has been pretty dull so far. I've started back making some jewellry, hopefully soon it will be up on etsy. I had to get a new Paypal account because I haven't used Paypal in so long, my account has been suspended for some reason. It was easier just to do it this way. I made a pair of string art earrings that are really popular now. They're not fantastic but I'm getting there.

    Tomorrow I'm going to Columbia to visit my Mom , her job (Mental Health America) is having their annual meeting on Friday and my sister Dante' Anderson (a VP at Wal-Mart) is the guest speaker so it's going to be a great family affair. That evening Mom is having a get together and I'm making the food. It's a light buffet sort of thing. Here's the tentative menu:

    Pasta Salad
    White bean salad

    Sliced Turkey
    Spiral sliced honey glazed ham
    with wheat and white rolls and condiments

    Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce
    Eggplant Parmesan Saucers

    Banana Pudding
    Chocolate French Silk Pie

    Luckily the turkey and ham is already prepared. I plan on making the the pasta and bean salad the nite before as well, so that the flavours can marinate a bit. The french silk pie as well. Haven't decided about the Banana pudding yet. Oh that reminds me I need to get a piping tip and cocoa powder. I'll be sure to post pics.



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