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    Back from the boro

    So I went down to statesboro for a few days. It was an very fun and yet eye opening weekend. I got to hang out with some of my friends, including one of my best pals. We went down to Savannah, I wanted to get my ear cartilage piercing but that didn't pan out, maybe next time.

    I've been starting to wonder why girls my age (me included) worry so much about guys and marriage. I guess I personally feel like, y'know it's not like I tried to get married out of high school or in college. But this southern life I lead makes me believe that if I don't get married before I'm 30 than there is something seriously wrong with me. I mean I know I wanted to graduate college (done), see the world , get a professional job before I get married but I don't want to be pushing 40. I guess the dissolvement of my 4 year relationship is still seriously bothering me. Also I think when I'm doing all this guy talk with my friends that as 20-something women who are college graduates (or soon to be) with real career goals that we ought to have better things to do with our time.

    But see that's just the thing. With hard work and studying, etc you can achieve career goals but when it comes to true love and what not a lot of that is just luck, let's be honest. There are things you can to do maintain a good relationship but you never know when it's going to hit you. And in the mean time, looking fornlorn and emo isn't going to help ne? so I suppose I should stop thinking about guys and start thinking more about Americorps, jewellry design, physics and Industrial Electronics. I just don't want to end up a little old lady with her computers and gadgets, though I'm sure by the time 2050 hits I won't be the only little old lady whose a computer lady rather than a cat lady.

    Anyways, I know this blog post was really silly. Wednesday will roll around I 'll try to type more positive.

    Happy Memorial Day!



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