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    A fairly random weekend

    A lot of boring, a few good, and one bad thing happened.

    I started twisting my hair Friday nite and I'm still not done. I get so easily distracted. I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog. But I'm a natural (if you can't tell by the avatar) which means I'm in that minority of black people that don't chemically change the texture of their hair with perms. Last perm was back in 1999. Anyways I'm doing a 2-strand twist and I have to be finished today, I've got an interview tomorrow.

    That's rite, I've got an interview with a breakfast/brunch delivery place. Please keep me in your prayers/thoughts for this one I need a job badly. it also reminds me that I need to wash my khakis and make sure my sweater (it's a liteweight) is wrinkle free.

    My mom wore the necklace I made for her Mother's day gift the other day. She got tooons of compliments and it has made me fully decide to get a touch from my savings and order some more supplies. By the by this is the necklace I made:

    I've posted this on twitter already. But I do like it a lot and I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

    The bad thing that happened was with Alltel. See, my mobile broke at the hinge and i had a fone that I previously lost. I made the mistake of trying to get it reactivated and they took it with the full battery and left me with a dead broken mobile... that I will still be paying the fees on until I get a new one. It was the Alltel service office in the Target centre, the attendant was quite surly with me. I personally have been a customer for 6 years, never delinquent and my family as a whole has been customers for most of the past 20 years. I'm talking Alltel car fones. Up until last year I never had any complaints but since Verizon bought them, they've been horrible. I thank God I've got Mobile insurance. I will pay the silly 35 dollars insurance deductible to have this fone until July or August... and then I'm going pre-paid. I think I'm going to go with boost Mobile. I just have to see if they have good service in the Bay area.
    Well I've got to finish twisting this hair.



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