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    Getting on the etsy boat

    I'm better I promise. No more 'hateration' on the chaps. My ex is just giving me issues.

    So I'm on etsy now: http://www.engineeredcupcake.etsy.com/. I've only got 2 items up there now, and 3 more items to photograph and add to the inventory. I took one picture but they didn't quite turn out show ready:

    It's a pair of enameled rose earring with acrylic pearls. The second pair is mine. Another enameled piece, this time navy triangles with a silver acrylic bead. I'm trying to get at least 5 items this week, maybe 10 by the end of next week. Things are looking good in the fundraising direction. I'll be starting another temp position as a 'at disposable computer nerd' doing graphic design and other technical things. The cooking position starts 9 June. I e-mailed CTC Vista to ask if it was okay to sell my jewellry during my tour and they said it was fine as long as it doesn't take away from my service. Which reminds me my training in Boston is 20-23 July and my service in California start 24 of July. Can you believe that? In about 7 weeks or so I'll be on my way to California. It still hasn't really hit me
    Tomorrow is Friday and I'm very excited. Going to hang out with my best friend when she gets off. I saw her today but tomorrow we're planning on really catching up.
    See you space cowboy,



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