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    My thoughts on the KFC rain cheque

    KFC clearly didn't think this one through.

    Let me get my sarcastic remark out of the way:'Seriously free chicken dinner? the black folk and obese people alone after that one'. And yes I was one of those black obese people in line. Not to mention the fact that Americans in general love chicken and free stuff. People that don't eat beef and/or pork will eat chicken (like me). So is this a personal thing because I like baked/grilled chicken that much. You bet. But logically speaking I can think of several reason that KFC didn't need this to be such a catastrophe.

    - Newspaper coupon over internet coupon Internet coupons are ripe for copying. My family and friends alone downloaded 20-ish, even though the limit was to be 4 downloads. If they would've used a colour newspaper coupon I think it would've been easier to limit the amount as well they would've had a better estimate of the crowds to expect.

    The sale ran too long Although the coupon was only available for a day or so. It was valid for what? 2 weeks. That is entirely too long for a free coupon. 2 or 3 days would have been plenty. Recently Popeye's offered their 8 piece for 5 dollars for one day and it was insane (i was in that queue too). And I noticed that since then their business has increased.

    Oprah I really don't have to add to that one do I?

    Yes they are offering rain cheques but ultimately it is going to hurt KFC for awhile. Everyone with common sense knew that this was going to be pandemonium and the fact that the MBA's, BBa's, PH.D's at KFC couldn't see the hysteria shows they're not very brite. Depending on how the public feels, they could get over it quickly or it could mean the end of KGC.



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