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    182 days left!

    I was on twitter, were I follow ‘jlist’ and he tweeted the fact that there are 182 days left until the JLPT. I’m going to be taking the level 4 I have decided. I don’t think I will be ready for level 3 this year. But hopefully if things go well I will pass the JLPT 4 this year and next year the new N3 Level. Of course the ultimate goal is to pass the N1 one day but that’s just the 2 year plan.
    I’ve been trying to study at least 30 minutes everyday. Preferably studying 1 hour a day. Probably going to have to step up my game on the kanji. I know 1-25 pretty well but there’s still so many more to learn. I’m also worried about the listening portion. I get to talk on the fone some in Japanese. The one good thing about being in Macon is that I did speak Japanese when I went to Shoki. I maintain to keep my eyes on the prize.
    I use a lot of online resources to help me study japanese. You can find my bookmarks on my Delicious account (http://delicious.com/jdks/japanese) but I also try to write Japanese every single day and read some Japanese everyday. I try to watch Japanese dramas,news, baseball games without subtitles and it’s getting much better. I’m looking forward to the day that I receive my certification in the mail. I know that being certified in Japanese will open me up to more opportunities and I love the language it’s very beautiful.
    Back to studying!



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