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    RIP Michael Jackson

    I know, I know I'm late. Been travelling throughout the south. But seriously, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Michael Jackson. Bad things come in 3's but that was four. Though some say that Mays and McMahon collectively make one. aww that's not rite.

    My sister loved (loves) MJ. When we were in Arkansas, she was just talking about making the laugh in Thriller her ringback before 'it' happened. I mean she had the thriller jackets (black and red ) went to the concert. it was ridiculous. And that was my introduction to Michael Jackson.

    I remember being in grade school when 'Remember the Time' came out. When people would bust out with 'It doesn't matter if you're black or white'. My personal favourite memory is of my big crush of highschool. When we used to go on long field trips I would listen to 'Butterflies' on my portable CD player and gaze at them. (so look for that on 'Lyrically Speaking') LOL. terribly silly but you know how young love is. It's one of his less popular song but you have a crush, that is *the* song to listen to.

    MJ went through a lot of changes with his looks, if he would've stayed the way he looked in 'Don't Stop till you get enough' (I'm not going to front, he was a cutie in that video). He caused a lot of controversy and somethings we will never know. One of his last appearances was a few years ago in my hometown of Augusta,GA at James Brown's funeral. I have a definite feeling his persona is going the way of Elvis. (and poor Lisa Marie, to have to go through this twice).

    The nite he died I watched BET for the first time in years. his music bridged so much. His dance moves were so smooth.


    Steve Ballmer said...

    Kacko was almost as good as .... me!

    Jasmine DK Shepard said...

    yea... Almost as good as you. LOL


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