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    13 days left

    Can you believe so few days until I head out into the great unknown? In 2 weeks I will be going 3000+ miles away from home and staying there for a year. I am totally wigging out, when I start to think about my pulse starts to race. I haven't been feeling very well the past few days. I think my nervous-ness about this trip is actually causing me to break out.

    I had been organising things to pack for my year in California but now I have started the packing.

    First the suitcases and then the things that will be shipped...including my jewellry making supplies full of metal wire, blades, and whatnot, I'm sure the United Postal services is going love that package. Decided what to take and not to take has become a fun adventure. I only know people who have been in NCCC which is more mobile and involves camping at times and disaster relief. I don't know anybody who has moved to another state for Vista. In vista you have to find a place and live and be semi-normal... on poverty wages. Everytime I tell my family I'm trying to find a room for rent in the Bay Area for und 500 dollars they look at me like I'm crazy but honestly it's true. Just keep praying about it.

    Americorps and I are still trying to get this whole flight situation figured out. I requested to be flown out of Columbia or Charlotte to Boston and then I'm suppose to go to Oakland, Cali. Somehow that turned into Atlanta to Boston and then to Dallas and then to Phoenix. I wonder if there's another 'Jasmine' in this CTC class? Probably, it is a 'common uncommon' name. But I think it's finally been worked all out. That was so odd.

    If anybody has any tips on packing for a long journey I'd greatly appreciate it.



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    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.