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    California here I am

    So I'm here, even though it still hasn't completely sunk in. I am in fact in California.

    The PSO (Pre-service Orientation) in Boston was fantastic. I really had a great time and met a bunch really cool people. It was friendly group, wasn't even untill that night I even noticed I was the only 'outwardly appearing' black girl. So that's a good sign ne? We went to Bangkok Blue our last night out and I got to try Thai iced tea for the first time, it sort of tastes like royal milk tea but sweeter... Which reminds I really could go for some royal milk tea about now.

    The flight to Oakland was not fun, especially the first one. The second was better though I've seen '17 again' twice now and can tell you just about everything about it. Not a horrible movie but definitely not good enough to watch twice in a row, in my opinion.

    When I got to Oakland, I met Bruce the director of OTX-West and then later Domingo(sp?), they're very nice people and I'm looking forward to this next year. The next day I met Naomi, Joceylin(sp) and Josh also very awesome people. OTX is really huge, a lot bigger than I expected and Oakland is way nicer than I hoped for. There are lot of trees so far I've seen in East Bay, very green. That's good. I don't mind urban space but the lack of greenery sort of gets to me.

    For instance when I was visiting San Francisco yesterday, I was near Union Square. Honestly I felt like I was Manhattan. Which is great the first couple of times but it was like 'meh, been there done that'. I know that not all of San Fran is like that and I'm looking forward to exploring the area.

    First things first however, I'm looking for a room somewhere in East Bay. The search has just begun. Right now Bruce and his wife have graciously open their home to me and I really appreciate it. I was semi-concerned that I'd be living under a bridge somewhere. But now that I've seen the listings I feel it is possible to a place to stay within a decent range.
    Well I'm off for a bit to do some things in the room. Found a neat sounding place on Craigslist that I hope we can go see later today. Wish me luck.



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