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    Last day in Augusta


    It's hitting me harder every hour that I'm leaving my home town. And yes, I love my hometown. It's not Atlanta, but for me that's why I love it. I grew up on the south side of town, near the country with the chickens and horses. There are a lot more asian influences on my side of town than one would expect. A few Asian grocers, lots of Chinese restaraunts, Korean noodle shops and pool halls. There's a diversity I love, with the singular being the southern-ness. I am truly going to miss the south in ways I didn't believe I would. There are things I won't miss: not being to go into Beaver House Inn in Statesboro,Ga or Maurice's BBQ in Columbia, SC because of my race. Being cautious around Whites who wear stars and bars, if I don't know them. The swelter heat and humidity that will knock you down when you open the door some days. But though I haven't really been adapted to the heat it is apart of my life story, my normalcy even the flawed parts.

    I spent the last nite of Augusta visiting my god-daughter who just turned 1 and my friend her mother. We played UNO and had a great time.

    That weekend I went to my mother's house in South Carolina for a fish fry and low country boil. Next morning I had fish and grits... I'm going to miss grits.

    But I look forward to the journy ahead.



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