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    Room Search Continues

    The room search in East Bay has been insane. Between the deposits and the eclectic lifestyles of some people seeking room-mates it's been a lot more tedious than I imagined. All I want is a space of my own, with walls and a door. Not horribly small, that's empty and simple with a decent kitchen to cook in, and cable and internet. Without an extraordinary amount of domestic animals.

    Easier said than done, especially on my Americorps stipend. Maybe it's just me but I refuse to pay 400 USD to share a room with a stranger, or really anybody for that matter outside of an significant other. Here are just some of the phrases I've read while room search

    - 420 friendly
    - 420 all day every day
    - $500 roomshare
    - Zen Catholic Gentlemen will have...
    - Apartment for free in exchange for cooking cleaning as well as some behind close doors services
    - the lovely ladies who give us unlimited joy, and also eggs.
    - vegan household : no animal products allowed in kitchen
    - television free community: so we can create rather than imitate.

    I thought I was picky. Then there's the whole 'what's safe, what's not'. People outside of Oakland swear I should head to surburbia. People in Oakland say stay away from East Oakland, but some say it's west Oakland. I've seen parts of San Leandro that I rather had not. I've met some interesting and colourful people. I've seen some ridiculous prices. I'm starting to get a feel on things and I think that this housing search may take a tad longer than I originally anticipated.

    Wish me luck!




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