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    The great work begins

    So now I am starting to lay down the foundation for the Get Connected Oakland website. With the help of one of my co-workers we've got a pretty nifty logo in the works. The website colours I haven't quite become 100% satisfied with a palette yet but COLOURlovers.com is helping out an awful lot.

    The purpose of the Get Connected Oakland (GCO) website is to be a sort of online database of resources for Oakland residents. It's going to have a map page for physical POI's as well as a resource page for online resources. The online resource page will be fairly easy once I get all of the resources up there, the map thing is a whole horse of another colour.

    The thing is I'm using Google Maps to do several types of maps (Access, Tech support, etc.) and I love that when you're logged into a Google account you can layer several maps over each other with the API. I just wish there was a way to embed this into a website so that even you are not logged into a Google account you could layer the maps to see what different types of resources are near your location.

    Since OTX has collaborated with GoogleServes before I'm working on an e-mail to Google to see if they can help me out. A thought that hasn't quite added up in my head. I'm e-mailing Google to ask them to do something specific for my organisation? Because what Google has right now isn't doing it for me? Of course I won't word it like that, but it's still kind of daunting to me to e-mail Google.

    I'll let y'all know how it goes.



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