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    me and the health care system ...

    I've been a bit busy and honestly not a whole lot of news going on.

    I had to go in hospital Thursday morning and didn't get out until Friday evening. And they still didn't know what the world was wrong with me. I promise you had I not had any type of insurance they probably would've turned me out Thursday nite. I don't even have actual insurance, just my Americorps health benefits. That was Highland hospital in Oakland, by the by. I never thought that I would miss the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) but I do. They say if you're in a gun fight Highland is the place to go, which means they've got a great trauma team but for things that need monitoring and tests... not so much.

    I really don't have a whole opinion on what the government should do about the health care system. My 'cousine' in the UK tells me that her opinion of public health care is that it's like public school, it all depends on where you are. Now I don't really know if that's the case, because anywhere I've been where they had public health care I haven't had to use it (knock on wood). But if it's really like public school system, Heaven help us. To be fair, I'm not a fan of regular public school but I never went to regular public school just a magnet school and later a state university so it's a bit different but that's another post.

    I know the President says he doesn't want public health care but it seems that the folk in my bracket and below want it, well the non-conservative ones. I don't understand why health care is so expensive. Even with my health benefits I personally am going to be too upset when I get that bill, because the didn't do anything! They kept me overnite and I spent 24 hours in hospital and I spent 20 hours of it waiting. Poor communication and ridiculous questions. One of the doctors said 'You have highly unusual symptoms' to which I answered

    'Yea I know it's unusual that's I said 'I need to go to hospital'" some of the nurses laughed but it's no laughing matter. And if health insurance becomes more accesible to more people than more folk in Oakland are going to know exactly what I'm talking about. I won't claim to know the solution, something needs to be done. I know a lot of people have to use the Emergency room as their doctor because they have no health benefits but as for me... I think I shall try to get a good job with some kicking benefits since I'm in a position with education to do that.



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