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    Mama's visit

    My mother came to visit me from South Carolina last weekend. It was so good to see her and the time went by too fast. Mama's been to San Francisco before but she's never been over to the East Bay and so I was super psyched to show her around. I wanted her and the folks back home to know that just because I'm living in Oakland it doesn't mean I'm living in distressed circumstances. Also that there is waaay more to the Bay Area than San Francisco.

    We stayed over in a hotel in Emeryville, which can be a shock. This area is so weird because things can change so much from one block to the next. It can also make finding living arrangements very difficult. We went to Lake Merritt, which is really lovely. We went to JapanTown over in San Francisco. Of course we went to my job, the great Oakland Technology Exchange she met some of my co-workers. Bruce, the exective director was back in my neck of the woods (Savannah, GA) and Naomi had the flu.

    I think now that my mother is reassured that I'm fine out here. I imagine it's hard to have your only born child almost 3000 miles away for so long. This is the longest I've ever gone without seeing my mother, 3 months. When I come home for Christmas it will be the absolute longest I've gone without seeing 46, almost 6 months. I've done a lot of travelling but it's usually with my family or I'm back in a month or so. I've never been so far, so long. I miss everybody so much and I can't wait to get back to the South for the holidays.



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    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.