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    OOP, you can't escape it

    OOP, oops..., Object oriented programming - to some EET's/EE's it is their favourite subject, to some unrelated, to me? A neccesary tool that finds it way into my creative process and inescapable.

    As of late I've had an idea for an iPhone app. No I don't have an iPhone or even an app based mobile but sometimes great ideas aren't necessarily for you. Like my senior project, the coffee maker - I do not like coffee that much. As an EET, I was required to take 3 programming classes, (Visual Basic, and Java 1 and 2), additionally I took C++ before I took Java. Of course this all sets you up for the programming that finds its way into your other classes and projects. Additionally being the nerd that I am, I do have a small affinity for OOP though admittedly I wouldn't want to do it full time for a career.

    I had no idea where to start but luckily there's lots of information on the internet about iPhone App development. (This site in particular, the iPhone OS reference library) Objective-C is quite similar to C so there is a slight adjustment in my mind that needs to be changed (Java is my absolute favourite programming language, "evar".) but the concept is still the same. I only wish that I knew more people in my life that shared my creative approach to technology so I could have a bit more help with this project.

    I know I start a lot of projects and don't finish them. Mainly to due to the fact that sometimes I just have too many ideas, but I have been trying to do better at documenting my work so when I pick things back up I don't have to re-invent the wheel. Also been trying to at least draw things out when I can generate the words for some ideas.

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