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    Resolutions Update

    Well a little over 2 months into the new year and when I make my resolutions I try to at least see what progress I've been making. Things have been a bit off-kilter due to my current state of homelessness (relatively, I have no place of my own, staying with a co-worker). But I think in despite of the random drama I am making some progress.

    1. Get an engineering job, some sort of job using my degree
    Things Completed:

    Finally got my resume' completed. It's 2 pages though. I'm considering trying to make a 1 page version. Though I will turn in the 2 page version to my top choices because I think all the information is concise and relavent. I've applied to one position so far. Trying desperately to turn in my first Bay Area choice job this week. It's an EIT program. I think that next April I'm going to try and take the EIT test. I've got a list of about 8 positions (6 here in the Bay and 2 back in the South).
    Things to do:
    I need to find some more positions to apply to. Need to complete my curriculum vitae (complete resume' for my website.) Need to finish my website, my professional website with my CV, current projects, and portfolio. For anybody so inclined to check it out and they shall see the random, nerdy creative scientist I am. Plus I need to finish it for freelance graphic and jewelry work opportunities.

    2. Pass the JLPT N5 or N4.
    Well class at Soko Gakuen has actually been going relatively okay. The moving waltz threw me off a bit but I'm coming back full circle. I can honestly say I've completely know about 100 kanji (50 out of 75 learned in class plus another basic 100 I've had to learn out of life's necessity) .
    Things to do:
    I need to practise writing more and read more Japanese. Get back on Smart.fm.

    3. Improve my body and soul
    Things completed:
    Well my hair health has improved, lol. I'm natural (last relaxer in 1999) and I'm growing my hair out. It's finally starting to all look the same and lay in the same direction. I have soft kinky wavy type 4 hair. It doesn't fro w/o gel and/or blowdryer, more of a half-fro. My hair grows in a V and the tip has reached bra-strap length. Next stop Midback length. Less split ends as well. I've been taking my vitamins and etc. everyday with only a 5% fail rate. Being more concious of my weekday eating. Eating more fruits and vegetables.
    Great Lent is here and because of my anemia I can't fast but I still fasting from alcohol.
    Things to do:
    I haven't really done a whole lot in this direction because of my moving fiasco. I need to find a place to stay that's my own because it would really ease some of the stress off of my body and soul. And I need to start doing crunches again. I haven't gained much weight (2lbs that keep coming and going week by week) but I still have much work.

    4. Read more
    Things Completed:
    Amidst everything I have actually been reading more. Albeit Objective C books from the library and Breadmaking guides online. My dear loaned me a book a fantasy fiction and a co-worker lent "End of faith" which I started reading. Unfortunately at the moment I have no idea where either one of those books are, lost in the packing shuffle.
    Things to do:
    Find those books, lol. Start reading a short elementary japanese book, I need the practise.

    ...and now you know the rest of the story.
    Next resolution update: end of May.



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