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    Calorie Counting

    Ever since my gastric bypass surgery back in 2002, where I went from a ginormous 420lbs to being tolerably though still morbidly obese. I've know one thing: I have to write down what I eat. When I don't all kinds of junk food and too much of one thing (salt, sugar, carbs) or not of enough of something (protein, fibre) enter my body. Sometimes it won't cause me to gain weight, though eventually it will but it always has me feeling sluggish or ill for no "apparent" reason.

    I've been using fitday since before my surgery and whenever I stick to it, I'm the better for it. It's amazing even with a 8-12 oz capacity how much I can put away in a day when I'm not paying attention.

    But like a lot of people, it's sticking to it. Fitday is not as technology advanced as let's say FitClick, which I like but was almost too mcuh for me. Though I think that if you're in a group, even a small group like you and your friends it's a great site because they have groups and you can get a free diet and workout plans. If Fitclick had been around when I was in college and constantly tethered to my PC I'd probably be using it now. I especially liked the "tweet to food log" feature and the iphone app, not that have an iphone but that's awesome that they have one.
    Fitday is simple, up until recently it didn't even have forum. You're just solo, enter in your food, your exercise. Make a weight goal. There's a little journaling area, and records for your mood, measurements, etc.

    The thing I loved over at Fitclick was the fact that you could add other users' "Custom foods" so let's say ... Caramel Bugles, hich by the way are horribly addicting if you like sweet, or salty and sweet. I mean move over Kettle Corn, there's a new sheriff in town. In Fitclick you can search foods and if somebody else has entered that food in, you can add it to your foodlog.

    The main reason I stick with Fitday is well, old habits die hard. Besides it has almost 8 years(off and on, albeit) of my nutritional history. Maybe one of these days I'll go and back log all the information into FitClick, that's the only way I can see me sticking with FitClick.

    At Fitday it's the "old skool" way, create a custom food and then sit at your desk with the nutrition label or like most of us flipping from tab to tab, window to window at the nutrition table online. Since they don't have a mobile friendly site, I write down my food in a mini composition book, or on my DS with DS Organize. Then I go and find any nutritional information missing online. That gets tiring and Split Screen for Google Chrome is the only reason I have Google Chrome, for entering food log. Does anybody know if such a thing exists for Firefox? Fitday foodlog on the left and the nutrition on the right. It makes it way easier to enter in the food. The painful part? Realising just how much junk I ate Sunday during my ridiculous flight home. I'm determined not to gain any weight while I'm home, maybe even lose a pound or 2. So I have to keep track of just how much "Southern Comfort" I'm getting and not eat too much Krystal's and Waffle House.



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