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    Getting There...

    Yesterday was such an "adventure".

    Sunday started for me at 6:30 PST. I woke up, packed up my wii, packed up my ride's car with what seemed like a ton of luggage and headed for the airport with a stop at Jack in the Box along the way.

    From Oakland to Seattle via Alaska Airlines. Arrived in Seattle around 11:00 am PST. I had a 3 hour layover, so I got some teriyaki, and some onigiri for the long second flight. Ironically my flight left in the international concourse with a bunch of people headed to Osaka. The only problem with partially understanding a foreign language is understanding it, and listening to silly student rumours.

    My Delta flight from Seattle to Atlanta wasn't bad, the people I sat next to were nice, I didn't need a seatbelt extension, that's a plus. We had inflight television and a music station on the screen as well where you could make custom playlists. I finally saw the season 3 finale of Mad Men, thank you Delta. that was pretty awesome. 3 beverage services and free snacks, albeit peanuts and cookies but these days that's rare. I stashed a bag of cookies but stuck to my onigiri.

    When I got to Atlanta, landing on the runway around 10:05pm EST, I thought I was going to run late for my 10:50 flight and anyone who's ever been to the Atlanta airport knows how crazy it is.

    My flight was delayed until Midnite, where I spent some of the time speaking with a very pleasant mature Japanese lady.

    I finally arrived in Columbia, SC at 1:00 am, getting to my lodging at 2am. So ridiculous.



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