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    Class is in session

    Well I'm back from my very long holiday in the South. I enjoyed it tremenodously. I got to see a lot of my friends and family. Alyce, my god-daughter has gotten so big and she's so adorable! The climate nearly killed me but other than that it was a very enjoyable trip.

    Tomorrow I start back at work, prepping for my Intermediate Adult Digital Literacy class at OTX West.

    I love teaching this class!

    Basically this is a class all about Google. Topics covered during the class included: Gmail in immense detail, Google Docs, Picasa, and new this month is Google Voice! Most of my students are 50+ and it's really great to see them take hold of new technology instead of relying on others. I wish my parents would do that a bit more. :) Though they probably would if they had the same opportunity, for a free 3 week class on Google. Most computer classes that are free are pretty banal. They are for absolute beginners and many of them cover no internet skills whatsoever. Let's face it these days you need to know more than making folds and Word. Also many people just don't realise how much you can do with just one Google account. Even if they have a Yahoo! or Hotmail account they can set up importing or forwarding. Once they store pictures on Web Picasa they can use them in a variety of places, share them etc. With the Picasa software they can do simple edits, effects, and even make collages and slideshows pretty easily.

    I know that some of my more tech savvy readers believe that are better options for Docs, Picasa, etc. however it's ease and effectiveness are the reasons why I enjoy teaching this course. I use Google Docs everyday for work and personal use. Google Forms are the best thing ever. Admittedly I even use Picasa at times when I just need a quick edit rather than using Photoshop or the GIMP. Most of my students will never need to use Photoshop to it's true capacity and it can be difficult to get the hang of, especially if you weren't born in the digital age. Sometimes we take for granted our ease to the computer and grow impatient when those who do not use this technology as much as we do.

    Class begins on Tuesday and is held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:oo - 3:00pm. The class is open to anyone who has an OTX computer, basic computer skills and a Gmail account. If you're interested in learning more visit the website at http://otxwest.org/classes.html



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    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.