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    So it's corn sugar now.

    I didn't actually believe they would do it. Even when they did, I thought "it won't hit television". But yesterday when I was at the laundromat I saw an ad for "corn sugar". They've backed a multi-million dollar campaign including websites lauding its "benefits". It's a change you don't notice until you eliminate it from your diet. But I tell you I've been eating less and less hfcs every week and I feel so much better! I'm an engineering grad so I can understand the "soundness" of certain technological changes to our food, like odour-less garlic but I draw the line at things like "HFCS" and that "trout-tomato". I also admit I'm a graduate of electrical engineering and 2 things are not my strong point: biochem

    Don't believe the hype in either direction. HFCS won't kill you or cause cancer anymore than sugar will but it doesn't act like regular sugar or regular cornsyrup. Those trying to lose weight or with diabetes especially should avoid HFCS. The most important thing to remember over-all is to just eat less sugar of any kind. Including superabundance of fruit juices if you have blood sugar issues. Eat less processed foods (i.e chips, candy, tv dinners, etc.) the less you eat, assuredly the better you will feel.

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