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    Health update 1: configuring the pantry

    Well this year is off to a neutral start. When I returned to Oakland I got some crazy bug coupled with jetlag, I literally was in bed for 2 days. The only good thing to add is that of course when you're sick, you really can't gain weight. I'm starting to feel better now and so we headed to the mega asian mart. Ranch 99 is probably favourite grocery experience ever. Sure I love Nijiya in Japantown because I can actually read the labels on most the products but Ranch 99 takes food stamps, I mean come on. I still will shop at Ranch 99 when I stop being a hobo though. Their produce is tops and just across the way is the best bakery ever. Ranch 99 has a in-store bakery that accepts EBT but Sheng bakery's bread is just heavenly. Yes I still eat white bread and white rice for that matter, I just can't get behind brown rice (most of the time when I'm cutting back I just forgo the carb at dinner time) and most of the wheat bread I can afford is just coloured white bread.
    I do however love wheatberries, quinoa, shredded wheat for breakfast, rye flats, and barley. Just that with asian food, nothing compliments it the way simple gohan does. One of the reason there's a marked decrease in the amount of asian food I eat when I diet. However this is suppose to be a lifestyle change so I just have to figure another way to eat the food that is as comforting me as grits.
    Today at the grocer I aimed to stay away from junkfood and get lots of simple wholesome ingredients for some great meals this week.

    My grocery list
    • Snow peas
    • Snow pea greens
    • Grapefruit (great breakfast and snack food)
    • baby carrrots
    • tofu (79 cents a pound!)
    • chicken gyoza (6 gyoza for 170 cal)
    • gyoza tsuyu
    • mirin
    • edamame (good source of protein)
    • miso (high on sodium but low calories)
    • zuchini
    • White bread
    • Vermont curry (for the quick meals)
    • senna tea (for regularity)
    • green tea
    • shoga
    • Pork buns (for JB)
    • shrimp
    • Tamanegi
    I have to note that I have ridiculously low blood pressure so I don't watch my salt intake perhaps as much as I should.

    Change so far: no weigh-in since 31Dec2010. Measurements the same, drinking a lot more water now.



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