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    Stopping a Binge

    The past few days did not go well. I ate like a maniac.  Well as much as a girl with a 12oz pouch  can.   I gained about 2lbs in the past week. Partially because I had to get back into my usual routine of walking everywhere that I do when JB is back home.  After driving and being ridden around for almost a month, I walked about 7 miles in 3 days.   It didn't really tire me out, my feet hurt a bit and I was so so hungry!  I ate a few things I shouldn't like 3 donut holes (120 cals, 10 grams of fat)  but I think today I finally shook the last bit of bingeful lust. Basically  I started drinking water when I wanted to eat and got of my tail to exercise and the cravings went away.
    I'm finally back to 100%, over the sickness.  So it's time to get back to exercising. I exercised 30 minutes yesterday and so far have exercised about 20 minutes today.   I've been doing a lot cleaning today too, which is a useful way to burn calories.  I'm aiming for 60 minutes of activity a day, including walking for transportation. There's not really much excuse for me not to exercise, I have just about every kind of workout video ever.  Then there's HULU and their bevy of streaming videos.  In fact I plan on doing some yoga later on today. Even though I have just about every style of video I could want, I still want Disco Abs so I decided once I lose 10lbs I will buy myself a copy.

    Diet-wise I have to admit my binge wasn't too bad, it was just too many calories in one day. Aside from the donut holes I was mainly eating flatbread,  flavoured soymilk, and toast with lowfat cream cheese.  Basically a carb binge.  I need to plan more carbs in my diet so this doesn't happen every couple of weeks.  Tonite I'm going to fix some chili lime tofu with barley. Yummy!  While I was in bed this weekend trying to recover I wrote a food and exercise plan for the next week.  It's posted on my message board where I see it constantly. It's on notebook paper so I can take it with me on my days out and about.  Those days are about to increase since I will be going to school soon.  I'm look forward to school though, I tend to eat out of boredom and that's going to be hard to do when I'm in school 4 days a week all day long.  

    I won't bore you with my eating plan for the week but here's my exercise plan:

    • Monday: 200 ball crunches, 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minute zumba
    • Tuesday: 10 minute ball workout, Arms of Envy (on Hulu)
    • Wednesday: 200 ball crunches, Leslie Sansons 5 mile Fat burning walk video
    • Thursday: 10 minute ball workout (hulu) , Stripeaerobics 
    • Friday:  200 ball crunches, 20 minute zumba, 20 minutes strength
    • Saturday: rest
    • Sunday: Neena and Veena Belly Dance Video, 10 minute ball workout
     It may sound ambitious but I already exercise on average 4 times a week for about 45 minutes.  Besides I'm in it to win it!

    Change:  Gained 2lbs due to binging. Drinking about 2 Litres of water a day now!



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