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    5 ways you can help Japan

    The update on my end is that 2 loved ones are confirmed dead and 1 is still missing. Unfortunately it pales in comparison to my closest Cali-pal, Miko. I really can't watch the news any-more because it's heart-breaking, though I stay in touch with loved ones in Kyoto and Nagasaki also I read the Japanese and English reports. The video footage is too much right now.  As I'm trying my hardest just to make rent these days I feel helpless that all I can do is donate $10 and buy a button from Zazzle to maintain awareness. Then it occurred to me that I can blog and increase awareness and maybe some of you can do a bit to help. 8 bits make a byte, 1024 bytes make a kilobyte, etc. So here are some ways we can all help:

    1. Donate to the International Red Cross/Crescent by clicking here
    2. Here in the SF area many events are going on with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC), check out their website www.jcccnc.org
    3. Buy a tee, button, or other item from Zazzle's  Japan Relief store, or donate a design of your own!  Here's one of mine "Hapas for Japan"
    4. The human suffering is great but we can't forget the countless pets left abandoned by this disaster. Animal Refuge Kansai has more information. My neighbour's friend has first hand experience with this organization. Click for their website
    5. Pray, Meditate, and keep Japan in your thoughts. It will take time for Japan to rebuild and we can't allow it to become yesterday's news.

    Thank-you for your support

    - JDK "the K is for Kumiko" Shepard



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