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    A major health update!

    It's been awhile. I finally have high-speed internet at home again! So hopefully I can get back into blogging more. I was doing so well until I was without internet.

    So I finally decided to weigh around my birthday, February 7th and guess what? I'd lost 10lbs since the beginning of the year. Since then I've lost 2 more. I have to say that I've been trying to eat as balanced as I can and exercise.

    My foodstamps ran out early this month. Despite the stereotype I eat healthier because of my foodstamps than I ever really do with cash. It's hard when it's the end of the month to spend $4 on salad mix when you know in a few days you'll have funds that are specifically for buying groceries. I slip and say "I'll just buy this mega cheap box of lean pockets, baby carrots and a cube (24pk) of Diet dr. pepper". It could've been worse but still I should've bought more veggies. In a few more days I'll have my food stamps again and I'll go to the grocer and farmer's market and get some veggies.

    On the warmer days I have been actually craving salads. Like the ones I used to make for myself during lunch when I worked at Applewood Golf: grilled chicken with sea salt and coarse pepper, romaine/iceberg mix, onions, a few small cubes of havarti and vinagrette. Not bad for 3.00 ne? (we used to get food half priced as employees). Also I notice just like I stopped missing HFCS, I am slowly losing my taste for fast food which kind of bums JB out but he knows it's for the best.

    Exercise-wise my sister sent me a resistance and Dynaband with some exercises so I've been using those 5x a week and I reduced my weights to 3x. I was starting get a bit stocky in the shoulders so I'm trying to focus on lighter weights and more cardio.

    I haven't taken anymore pictures but some of my bigger clothes that I bought when I was in Macon are getting too loose to wear even to construction class. Even a pair of sz 20 plus size Old Navy pants I bought specifically for moving to California are getting too loose. And I've had them taken about an inch in the waist since I moved here. That tailor tried to convince me to take them in 2 inches but I wouldn't listen. Now I have to wear them with a belt or they will slip down to much, not to the point falling off but I keep having to re-adjust them.

    I've been a bit heavy on the sugars lately so I'm going to try and calm down a bit. Also exercise a bit more on the weekends.

    Wish me luck!



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