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    Tsunami udpate

    First off thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Luckily all my loved ones live in the Southern part of the country. However 3 people I know are still missing, unfortunately one friend lives in Minami Sanriku so things don't look good. Most of my concern goes to one of my closest friends here in California is half-Japanese and all her family is from Northern Japan and it's been so heart-breaking to see her go through all this. Like any other disaster I've made myself stay away from the news after the first day. Miko and I spent so much time watching NHK and listening to the Japanese radio that English became a distant memory. I don't understand Japanese as well as Miko but you get the idea if you know the language. Seems to me Japan was talking about nuclear accidents before it hit English news. Maybe it was a "saving face" thing I don't know.  All I can say is that I wish the best for everybody in Japan.

    In related news, I was completely fine.  My mom called me at 6:00 am about a tsunami warning, I didn't even know that Oakland got tsunami warnings.  They closed the ferries and stayed on alert with BART and highways but we were fine.  There was one picture springing up around the internet near me, but honestly I think it  was nothing compared to 10m waves.

    Don't give up Japan!



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