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    Going West, the Jasmine DK Shepard story

    So at OTX West, y'know where I was an Americorps and now teach on a part-time basis, digital stories are a big deal. Windows Movie Maker comes standard on every OTX computer and honestly for a free computer you can make some pretty nifty movies with it.  Mostly we make slideshows just using pictures and audio. Everybody at OTX is supposed to do one and about half of have so far. Plus we talk about it in the Take Home Computer Program.

    This video is a bit archival because it's based solely on my Americorps experience, not about anything that has happened since. I probably recorded the audio a year ago and pieced together the rough draft over the summer.  It needed more pictures, it originally had about 30% few pictures.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Also you'll notice there's now a Hire Jasmine YouTube channel, subscribe to it and look for more videos in the coming weeks.



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