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    Jasmine Shepard on Peralta Matters

    So as you know, I recently finished up a 10 week program. During finals some of the heads of the program asked if I'd do an interview on Peralta Matters, the local show about Peralta Colleges. I was really nervous about it until I realised it was a bunch of nice AV folks. See, when I was at Davidson for middle and highschool I was on sound crew and to this day I still say "striking" whenever I turn on a light. Thanks to Hennessey one of the best teachers I ever had in my whole life.
    They asked about what we learned and how one would take the introductory course and turn it into an Associates degree. Most surprising to me they mentioned my engineering degree and asked me why I decided on attending Laney. As I told them, there are lots of engineers out there and I have to make myself more competitive because I'm tired of underemployment.

    Let me know what you think of the video!



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