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    So what's the news on the health update?  Not much really. 

    My personal life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately, I'm trying to work that out.  So I go a few days and exercise daily and then comes a big 3-5 day gap.  I haven't lost, I haven't gained, well I've gained muscle.  My waist is almost 3 inches smaller than what it was on New Year's Eve so I'm quite psyched about that. But to be honest I'd really like to see that scale number go down a bit more. So far this year I've lost 15lbs, which is good I am very happy but in the past 2 months I've lost only 1lb so you see my cause for complaint.
    I'm not really sure what to do. I don't have very good health insurance so I can't see my doctor about my weight loss.  I know that I couldn't go for a restricted diet.  I like Fage Greek yogurt and it's very healthy so I can't go vegan; I also need all the protein I can get so I can't really cut out chicken/seafood entirely.  As I've said before I can't really eat beef or pork due to my weight loss surgery back in 2002. 
    The only other option is to exercise more and so I'm aiming to do 60 minutes everyday.  I recently bought Zumba for the Wii and I've been enjoying it very much so far. I also enjoy Leslie Sansone's Walk off the Pounds 5 mile walk, I'm going to try and do that today. 

    The year is half gone and I have about 35lbs to lose to reach my goal, I can still do it. Believe that.



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