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    Review: Leslie Sansone's Walk of the Pounds 5 mile

    Summer is fast approaching, if you're back East you probably think it's already here. The weather's been quite warm from what I heard and makes me glad I live in Oakland with our nice Bay Breeze.

    I'm sticking to my commitment of doing longer low impact cardio since I'm not yet ready to do 60minutes of Zumba, at least not all at once. I've had this dvd of "Leslie Sansone's Walk of the Pounds 5 mile Fat Burning Walk"(WATP5), that's a mouthful I'm sure I burned at least a calorie just saying it.
    Indoor Walking may not seem like the most exciting dvd for a twenty-something but it's a good low impact workout. I thought it would be like "Basic Step" for Wii Fit but it's actually good. It's more like aerobics, with knee lifts, side steps, and running in place. It's metered, so it shows you when you've done 1 mile, 2 miles, etc which I like, it's good to see I'm making progress and that I'm getting close to the end. The end of every there's a "boosted walk"where you run in place and do some of the steps at a faster pace. I admit that the basic "boosted walk" does remind me of "Wii Fit Basic Run".
    WATP5 is great for people who haven't exercised in awhile, people with some mobility issues. I have a knee that sometimes makes Zumba not my choice for the day. If you're aiming to exercise 5-7 days a week but aren't up for the high impact this a good one.
    My only complaint is the music, it bores me to tears. Most non-dance workout music isn't fantastic but this video lasts 68 minutes! I couldn't get through the video the first time because the music couldn't hold my motivation.
    Here's my solution: since the routine is fairly easy to follow I just turned the volume down and played my music on my speakers. With listening to my favourite upbeat music and following along with Leslie, the 68 minutes flew by!
    I think this will stay in my "palette of fitness choices" for those low impact days, as long as I'm playing my music.



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