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    Quick! Watt is unit of...?

    Today is the final class for the summer quarter. We'll give out the final exam and have a speaker and then that will be it for ECT 1 until Fall.

    It amazes me how much my brain cranked out over the past 5 weeks. There's so much material the students had to read that I couldn't read it and write lab procedures and help during class and look for a full time permanent position. So most times I was going from the memory of tutoring or when I did the work last in college. Concept-wise, I am a nerd and read Physics, construction, and electronics books/articles for fun so jumping in to help was fine. I remembered a suprising amount of formulae and I helped the students learn alot which makes me happy. They will all be so ready once College Physics in Fall 2012 or 2013.

    I was trying to remember all the different concepts and formulae I helped students understand over the past 5 weeks and here's what I came up with so far(in no particular order):

    • Laws of Thermodynamics
    • Ohm's Law (the triangle!)
    • Reading resistor bands by colour
    • Inductance
    • Capacitance
    • Drawing and reading basic schematics
    • Parallel and Series Circuits
    • Kirchoff's Voltage Law
    • Force-vector equations
    • Bernouli's Formula/Pressure
    • Frequency and Waves
    • Low-Emissivity Windows
    • Photovolteics
    • Insulation types and Thermal Conductivity
    • Heat Transfer
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • Calculating Power costs
    • AC/DC motors
    • Radiation
    • Specific Heat
    • Phase Change
    • ...and probably some things I've missed
    Y'know I feel like if I can help students learn these formulae and keep a classroom of teenagers in order I ought to be a pretty decent project manager, or at least assistant right?



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