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    Lately on ColourLovers: Cali-versary

    July 23rd was my 2 year "Cali-versary". Hard to believe it was over two years ago on a chilly July night (50F and windy) I arrived in Oakland.  The plan was to work at OTX West for a year, gain some experience, enjoy California, and by then the recession would be over and I could return to the South and resume normal life.  Life rarely goes according to plan though. 

    My 2nd Cali-versary didn't go according to plan. Last year I was in Napa at the Chris Botti concert, this year I fell ill.  But I still decided to make a colour tribute.


    Cali-versary contains the following colours:
    • Gilded - the yellow
    • tangerinedreaming - an orange for those odd tasting Cali oranges (still prefer Florida's)
    • cali-luv - a sweet pink. I do "luv Cali"
    • dangerous girl - still one of my fave colours I discovered
    • stop by Julee @CL  - to complete the sizzling yet adorable scheme.

      I was able to use some of the pattern templates I designed as well as some of my all-time favourites.  Just a simple tribute to Cali, my home away from home.  As much as I miss the South, the East Coast in general, this was necessary.  I've grown so much in the past two years and discovered so much about myself.  Hopefully I will be spend a few more years here.


    Sardonic Feminist said...

    Happy Cali-versary! :) It is too true...life NEVER turns out the way you intend.


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