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    New Facebook: Chapter 1 (新フェイスブック : 一の章)

    I'm at home today sick from work, which sucks because I like work. It's that kind of cold where you're half-awake and fairly able bodied but you cough like typhoid Mary and so it's probably best you should stay home. So my doctor and supervisor said. So I decided to test out the new Facebook Timeline feature.  

    It's like clockwork. Whenever I teach a class on Facebook(FB), it changes soon-after. Leading me to have to teach it all over again.  One of my students(adult) called me in a frantic when they saw the Facebook Timeline Promo Video But really is it that bad? 

    It is a bit much I have to admit.  Everyone swears they're going to "quite Facebook" but most won't. Nobody quit Myspace because of a change.

    Really? Who cares?

      So far there are a few features that have me curious as to whose bright idea it was to put this on FB.The main one is "Life Events: Health and Wellness".  Since  my Gastric Bypass surgery is no longer a trade secret, I tested it out.  I clicked on the apple icon and selected "Had Surgery", added a picture from highschool, and the next thing you know.  "Had Gastric bypass surgery - Bye bye blubber" is apart of my Facebook Timeline.  Admittedly I see the novelty in having a living auto-biography but I'm not sure I want to share my Timeline with 500 people.  Of course FB's answer to this is "you control what people see" so it's not very difficult to pile people into "Limited Profile" and hide it from them.
    I stand by my Social networking mantra "Very personal things about my life I don't put on Facebook because if I want you to know, you will."  I don't just mean by talking in person, being 3000 miles and 3 hours time difference from home, I use texting, e-mail, and even Facebook (messages) to communicate with my friends and family back East.  Instead of sharing and filtering through 500 friends that "I got over the flu".  Though I do tout my near-decade success of Gastric bypass but honestly standard messages fit the bill. I can understand someone wanting to shout that they overcame Cancer but does it truly need a separate categorisation?

    Am I nit-picking? Just a bit but there are other things about this new Timeline that I am questioning its feasibility but that's another post.  Today I'm doing a bit of microblogging via Twitter and HireJasmine Page on FB until the next post.



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