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    FE/EIT here I come

    After years of procrastination, I've decided to take the EIT exam. No, really.

    I've not the determination to go to grad school full time, honestly I just want to work in engineering before I decide to go into crazy debt for a M.S/M.Eng.  And speaking of college debt,  my previous educational investment has not even begun to pay off, so why pour more money into this? It's not a boat. 

    The Fundamental of Engineering/Engineer in Training Exam is a must for my path to being a licensed engineer.  Alot of employers seem to be looking for it as well.  I didn't take Differential Equations in college being in EET but Calc 3 and a bunch of logic/discrete math. However I think that I will be okay.

    I'm planning on taking the exam October 2012.  I'm going to enroll in Calc 3 and Diff Eq at Laney College, which may not be the most in depth math classes but I work there and I'm already in the system as a student from Spring of this year.

    As far as the afternoon exam I've pretty much decided to betray myself and take the Mechanical Engineering test,  it seems more straightforward and sample tests have content that's not lost to memory.  I did want to focus on Power engineering, but maybe in the future I could take some graduate level courses in Power engineering.  The EE afternoon test seems a bit too computer heavy for me.  Also I've been learning more about motors and HVAC pumps and things since working at Laney. 

    I've borrowed a book from Berkeley library and started some cursory FE Question of Day.  Studying for the exam this early has been good because 1) It makes me realise I have a okay chance of passing it in April 2) I want to pass it the first time, so I will take it on October 2012 3)It really is coming back to me, guess I did learn something in college :P

    If anybody has any suggestions on books, websites, or if you're interested in starting a study  group if you're taking the EIT exam anytime next year, let me know!



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