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    TV Liberation-Me TV

    A dream schedule brought to you be MeTV
    For most of the time that I've lived in Cali, I have not had cable.  Since I've spent all my time in Cali being poor, it's just not an option for me. Honestly, it's been the best decision I ever made in my (leisure) life.

    First, I'm not using my nerdy hustle funds to pay for a service that I may watch a few nights a week. Second, it's made me take the time to discover new forms of visual entertainment and really enjoy my Wii as it's days close to an end.  Lastly, I honestly spend much less daylight hours watching tv.

    I still "watch  tv" mostly in the form of Netflix Streaming for the Wii, Hulu, and DVD backups on my external hard-drive.  I have a digital tv and a digital antenna (both gifts from family) that I use to watch  baseball and football. Occasionally I bought episodes from  iTunes.  The only thing really missing from my schedule was some new mix of tv shows I liked.

    Enter MeTV the best thing to hit my television since Netflix for the Wii.  It's an over the air channel that recently arrived to the Bay Area and it has one of my favourite genres of television: classic television. I found it yesterday morning, watching "The Lucy Show" and "Daniel Boone". Last night I watched Bob Newhart and the Odd Couple, then I went to their website and saw the national schedule, a dream schedule.

    This is pretty much the final nail in the "I need Cable" coffin. Now if I could just find a decent spot nearby to watch Monday Night Football, I'd be set.

    MeTV is available over the air and on some cable services, check it out at www.metvnetwork.com



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