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    Up on the roof

    So I finally made it up to the roof!

    This was my 3rd installation with GRID, first as the Volunteer and Training Associate.  It was great to get out of Oakland for a bit and head down to San Jose, and yes I know the way.

    The volunteers and team leaders I assigned were fantastic, all of GRID's volunteers are so positive and hardworking, and caring.  I mentioned that it was my first time on the roof, because it was a one story low-pitch or "less steep" roof. My first installation was a 2 story relatively high pitch and I wasn't "feeling it".  I don't have a fear of heights, I have a fear of falling :P.  And as I learn better how to walk on a roof and use a harness, I'm less nervous. Meanwhile I'm becoming very good at wiring inverters, ^-^.

    This system was GRID's first "Smart Mount" system, which in a phrase is "Look Ma, no rails!" which was unique, once the learning curve was conquered it was quite straight-forward and it seemed to go faster. Also it's neat to learn a different type of system.

    Good times, good hot wing lunch (^-^)  good people, a family gets a PV system.

    Til next time,


    Norbert Floth said...

    Indeed. Truly, it's not the height, but the ground below that can be pretty scary. Working on a roof can get pretty tense when there's wind and bad weather about, but it's all about trusting yourself up there and working calmly.


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