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    2011 Resolutions How did I do?

    Blogging is a powerful tool. Normally aside from the obvious(lose weight) I forget my resolutions but having them up in the cloud makes it hard to forget. Around this time last year I posted

    1. Get a full time job, constantly updating hirejasmine.com, refining my CAD skills, networking and going to any job fair I can within a 50 mile radius. updates on Wednesday Well I decided to join a Americorps again so I do in fact work full time and I worked as lab assistant at Laney College. Not exactly the pay I desired but hey at least it keeps a roof over my head some food on the table and help me keep goal number 4.
    2. Get out of the plus-sizes, reduce alcohol and sugar consumption, exercise 60 minutes a day 3-5 times a week. Avoid synthetic foods. updates on Monday. Well I'm still a plus size gal. But I did lose 15lbs this year. The quest continues.  I did better diet-wise.  HFCS is but a memory. I contemplate getting rid of artificial colours but for the time being I will just try to eat more healthfully. 
    3. update the blog more. By updating on my year resolutions on a weekly basis. Well I posted 17 more posts this year vs. last.  making progress.
    4. Stay in California, by completing goal 1 Done!  And can you believe that now I am highly considering moving back to the Deep South especially North Carolina
    I haven't firmed on my 2012 resolutions yet. I'm contemplating just making it simple.  My goal is to have guidelines down by the 5th.



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    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.