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    Corset Story Review

    A few months back I ordered a few corsets from Corset Story.  The engineer and tomboy in me debated how to write this review since showing the product is key with a clothing review.  It is really hard to take a picture of yourself in decorative corset without looking ultra-feminfied. I'd like to note to any future/current employers I don't dress like this on daily basis. Normally polos and jeans are my main stays...

    I took advantage of their seemingly never-ending 3 for 2 sale.  I bought 3 steel boned corsets for $145.00 shipping included, I prefer steel boned corsets as they keep their shape better and if you're a plus size gal I really think they're the best type.

    defective corset T_T
    They came super-fast, in about a week from London with standard shipping.  I wonder if they came from the Long Beach warehouse though Corset Story (CS) says on returns go there.  The corsets are beautiful and I set to trying them on, all with tying a not just a little tight.  The long brocade broke, well the boning crack when I sat down. I was sad. The others were completely fine.  So then I had to email CS about the issue. I think there may have been a little confusion on the  issue. I felt the boning before and felt it was defective (that 1 in 1000 type). The boning didn't poke at my skin, so I was thinking I was just going to have to keep the broken corset and try and fix it.   It took about 2 weeks to clear all the confusion up but in the end they sent me a brand new corset. I didn't even have to waste my money shipping the broken one back. So yes now I have 2 corsets of the exact style, one of which is broken.  I ended up being able to fix it so it one poke through to my skin and so I plan on wearing that one when I'm going out and about and the correct one for formal occasions as I had planned for this particular corset.
    16" silver and black,

    The quality is very good for the money, especially with the sale.  The three corsets I purchased have 3 distinct shapes. So far I've been wearing the silver and black the most.   The one I bought as my "might as well" turned out to be my favourite, the oriental design one. It's beige and pink and gives a very 1950's style figure, near my natural bone structure.  The 18" red brocade is more like my actual shape and it's long for me (5'3" or 162cm) I have a long torso so I wouldn't reccomend it for most short ladies.  I'm going to have to get some longer lacing for this. They use the same length lacing for the corsets it seems and this could've definitely used some more.

    15" Oriental Design.
    Overall I'd say Corset Story is great quality at such an affordable price, so you should definitely check it out! http://www.corset-story.com/


    Anonymous said...

    So I was thinking about purchasing a few things from Corset-story for my halloween costume. I was thinking of going with a steam punk look. I was just concerned with ording from off line as because I once ordered my prom dress from off line and it turned out HORRIBLE. I'd just like to know if you'd recommend possible satifaction if I chose to buy from this company? I read your review and for the most part it seemed positive, but I'd just like a personal opinion from someone who's already tried their merchandise. By the way though, those corsets of yours are GORIOUS!

    Karine St-Pierre said...

    i used to have good experience with this website but the last one was innacceptable

    in the 20 of june, i've commendes 2 corsets on sale, said that it was sent.
    2 days after i recieved a note about canadian fees, i awnser that i didn't mind.
    2 weeks after, as the corsets were supposed to arrive, i ask the customer service what was hapenning and they told me it wasn't sent yet because i didn't sent the "ok " note about canadian fees. so i sent it again and "oops" the corset you orderes is not more expensive that it was so they cancelled the order and asked me to choose another one even tough the corset was still on the website but more expensive. i would have paid it but since im a student and i already was insulted of the service i asked for a refund... end up they asked me for my pay pal account for a refund and since i don't have one i was forced to choose another corcet under 20$ ( were all large and i do small) i commend one of thiers large corset and they sent the order to the mall on today, we are the 15 of july, im in this bullhit for 25 days now and i have to wait another 5 to 14 days to revieve my corset AND pay additional fees

    pure bullshit, never order anything from them

    Jasmine Dk Shepard said...


    That's ridiculous. I've since made another order with them and it was totally fine. Course I'm in California and they have a warehouse in this state somewhere so I imagine that makes it a bit easier. Sorry you've had such trouble with them.

    Anonymous said...

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    Waist Cincher said...

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