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    Me, my Wii, and Hulu Minus...err Plus

    EDIT: So I find that with "low quality" viewing, it's decent streaming. Still takes longer than Netflix but workable.  But on some of the shows low quality is looking really bad on 42", probably wouldn't be as drastic on a smaller screen.

    My day had finally come, I've loved Hulu most of all the streaming websites for quite awhile now. I like that have free services, that occasionally you can sit through a 2 minute ad an essentially go commercial free, and their honesty of having when shows will expire.  I admit that haven't been watching it as much lately since my "video cpu" became  my "main cpu". So I've been using my wii, which I admit has probably voided its warranty in more ways than one, to watch Netflix. Honestly, Netflix and  Qwikster-gate kinda soured me on them.  I like Netflix okay, I just missed all the classic television via Hulu. And while MeTV does make up for it, with my schedule as of late, sometimes I can't stay up for Perry Mason at 11:30.

    So when HuluPlus came to the Wii (at long last) I was ecstatic.  I quickly downloaded and signed up for a 2 week free trial with full expectations of suscribing to the $8 a month program.  But after 3 days of waiting, and waiting for videos to load, honestly I doubt that will happen.

    I admit that my Economy Comcast internet may be the issue, it just may.  But while I can still go to Netflix and watch movies and  things without interuption, maybe 15% of the time do I get those "Retrieving" load bars. With Huluplus I've gotten easily 90% of the time. I've yet to be able to finish a episode of the Bob Newhart show and that's 22 minutes. Also you can't press the home button when it gets stuck to reset the application. You have to turn the system off and start over.

    The fact HuluPlus has ads is a bit lame, and not all of there shows are available for streaming for example "Modern Marvels" .  I can still watch Hulu on my PC just fine, with the general 15% chance of load pauses.  Maybe if I shelled out some bucks for a Ethernet Adpater for my wii, this would work better. And as they're fairly inexpensive I may just do that for Netflix. My dilemma is this though: Said adpater will probably arrive after my trial is over and I'm not going to shell out $8 to try HuluPlus for a month and it still do the same thing o my Wii.  Maybe when I become a bit better employed but... then I could just fix my disabled cpu to make it a "video cpu" and keep it moving.

    I'm sure for the people who can afford to pay over $50 a month for internet (yep, that's economy comcast internet in the SF Bay included modem leasing, and tax) it works fine but for those of us looking for a cheaper alternative to cable it's not worth it to me right now.  Lastly I gotta tell ya, I'm not in love with the dark imminence of the interface.

    PS in the 20 minutes it took me to write this, I watched exactly 3 minutes of an episode of Bob Newhart, it's been loading for 16 minutes now...



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