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    BPI Building Analyst, almost there!

    So I spent most of February working, going to school, and turning another year older. I've been taking a class at Laney College to prepare for the  building Performance Institute Building Analyst exam.  I've only been learning this for about a year but I will admit the concepts were pretty straight-forward.

    Of course this all sounds well and good until you sit for the 100 question test that you have 2 hours to finish.  It was a little more difficult than I'd imagined and I was a little concerned I'd be on the "line" of passing.

    Fortunately I did better than I expected, my personal favourite accomplishments  include

    • Concepts of Building Science 97%
    • Analyzing/Optimizing Building Systems 100%
    • Measurement and Verification of Building Performance 88%
    So I passed!  Now all there is the field exam that I have in 1 week.  I've been studying and working on a "script".  Basically on the field exam we have to audit a house in about 2 hours, remembering all the important things like "Combustible Appliance Zone " Draft and Spillage test and the Blower Door test. It's actually a lot of things to do in 2 hours and it's where a whole lot of people fail the overall test.  To add to my nerves the instructor I work for at Laney is going to be my proctor. You know, the person who hired me to be his assistant for "Building Science" classes and work in the Enviromental Controls Technology (HVAC) department. No pressure there!

    So to help me study for the written exam I made some flashcards on Quizlet.com so if any of you are studying for it, maybe it will help you too.

    Till next time,
    Jasmine DK



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