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    Vegan Alfredo Sauce: The EZ Way

    So it's Lent, Great Lent to be exact. and I have a little more than a week until Pascha.  In typical American Orthodox fashion I will be at the Walgreens on the 9th to get some discount Easter Candy for Pascha on the 15th.

    It's been awhile since I fasted completely from animal products for Great Lent.  Admittedly I had a few slips but I did well, the crazy thing is I honestly felt alot better (on work days at least ) eating vegan.  I wonder what that means?  Maybe I should start packing more vegan lunches.  

    The 2 things I've missed during Lent is Béchamel(white sauce) and Greek yoghurt (Fage to be specific). Well I tried some other yoghurts, nothing quite compared though Soy Yoghurt was OK.  I assumed that my B
    échamel  were going to be the same until I started fiddling around in the kitchen.

    There are few things that I prepare almost weekly, roasted garlic and Italian salad dressing are 2 of them. I just throw a couple bulbs in the oven when something is baking on low. Also I whisk up Italian Dressing, during Lent adding a bit of nutritional yeast in lieu of Parmesan cheese.  Last weekend I whipped this up alfredo recipe up and it turned out fantastically.  I know there are better more complex recipes out there but sometimes you come home and you're just like, "want, food, creamy, food, grrr" *chibi-hulk smash*  

    You can also find this recipe on my Recipefy account

    Vegan Alfredo Sauce: The EZ Way 

    1 can of coconut milk
    1 tbsp flour ( I used rice flour b/c I had  corner left)
    2-3tbsp italian dressing
    3 cloves roasted garlic smashed
    Sea Salt and black pepper to taste
    Fresh ground nutmeg

    Drizzle Italian Dressing in to skillet, turn to med heat
    Add garlic, stirring so it infuses in the dressing
    Stir in flour throughly
    Add Coconut Milk, whisk quickly, turn down heat to low
    Let reduce to preferred thickness

    Serve with favourite pasta, miscellaneous toppings to taste. I had some Italian breaded "Chicken Tenders" and wheat gnocchi.  That was good.  Ground a pinch of nutmeg on plate before serving.

    Storage: I put mine with pasta in a storage container. Last night made a second batch and put in a Glass jar in my fridge, it's not going to last long so I'm not sure of the shelf life



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