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    HFCS, it's not psychosomatic

    I admit I am health skeptic.  I don't believe in fad diets, I understand why I'm still over weight but am healthier than I have ever been in my life.

    Since I've moved to California I've met people with very unique diets.  Vegans (no honey or white sugar as it's processed with bone char, some wine is too), Gluten Free, Vegan and Gluten Free, Paleo, Fruitarian, Raw and Pregnant, Low carb, and of course good old fashioned vegetarians and pescatarians.  

    Me, I'm an omnivore to the point that I can be. I can't really eat beef, or digest pork meat at all. This is because of my surgery, though I admit I occasionally fall to temptation and have slider and regret it. I also use bacon in some dishes without trouble. Rosemary Bacon scones are awesome, period.  Also my genetics and metabolism are not in my favour. I have family members who have gained weight going vegan or as vegetarians.  Myself included.  Of course the reason for this is lack of a balanced diet. It's hard for me to eat vegan and balance. I do much better with yoghurt, fish, honey, chicken, etc.

    But my crusade against HFCS in my life is showing its merit. Not just because of the fact I object to companies charging me for "premium" sweet treats that have HFCS instead of sugar. Not because HFCS is in everything including some frozen crabcakes (Yep, keep checking those labels!). Not because there are somethings that just need to be corn-free like icecream, wheat bread, and yes crabcakes. It's the honest change I've felt, the decrease in my sugar cravings, satiation of said cravings when I eat real natural sugar (honey, cane sugar, agave nectar, fruit, etc.).  I can't apparently digest HFCS very well anymore.

    Last week we had a cook-out for our monthly potluck. We had chicken sausage, veggie burgers, chicken, tons of sides, I made an awesome Lemon and Strawberry Tiramisu.  I didn't eat any of the bread that day but we had plenty of leftovers.

    Monday comes and I had some chicken hot dogs in the fridge. I hadn't really ate much that day so I fixed a hotdog before going to the gym afterwork. With a Sara Lee Wheat hotdog bun.  About 10-20 minutes later it hit me. I felt so lethargic like after a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It was all I could do to walk the 4 blocks or so to the bus stop. I had to make myself go to the gym. Once I got their and drunk some water and started I felt better but it was so odd.

    I went home to find out that the Wheat (healthy with whole grain says the label!) had HFCS as the 3rd ingredient.  I didn't know it was in there at all, I assumed it wasn't.  Now I'm re-affirmed that HFCS is just something to stay away from.



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