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    Contagion: Stupid stupid flu

    I've spent most of January dodging, ducking, and succumbing to whatever epidemic has descended upon the Bay Area.
    Earlier this week I had a fever of 102.1F, I have to add that the last time I went to the doctor my temperature was 95.9F. They say it doesn't matter my low body temperature, that a fever is still 99F or above but I felt AWFUL.

    In talking with my healthcare provider, the reason I kept getting sick was fairly simple. Nutrition and interaction.
    I try to eat healthy, but when you're doped up on cold meds half the month it's amazingly difficult. Literally went over 12 hours without feeling hungry only to eat half a bowl of mac very unenthusiastic.
    I've spent most of the past week getting over colds that turned into something that may have been the flu.
    I also realised today that one of my regular prescription medicines works horribly with cold medicine...and I swear it wasn't anywhere in the warning. So when I returned to work, I nearly had a heart attack. No wonder, Americans are in the abysmal state of confusion when it comes to health care. I'm just saying, I nearly killed myself by accident and I told every medical man and woman what I was doing. All they said was "of course you should take your daily medicines". In hindsight even I should have known better

    ...maybe I'm being a touch dramatic.

    But I'm slowing getting back to 95% (where I seem to default) and can get back to the projects I've been bustling on around the studio.



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