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    30 things I've done before 30

    There are literally hundreds of lists out there on the net about 30 things you should before your 30, bucket lists etc.  As 30 "guns for me" instead looking at all the stuff I should have done by now or scramble to do, reflecting on what I've done so far seems the more mature thing to do.

    the view from my home away from home
    1. Earned my engineering degree a life goal since I was 7
    2. Travelled outside the country mostly the islands, some Europe and Asia
    3. Lived Alone - my mother says every woman should do this.  Yea...it's pretty cool I admit, my little 350 some odd square feet of heaven in the Bay
    4. Became a godparent my darling little Alyce 
    5. Lost over 100lbs 
    6. Fallen in and out of love with no regrets
    7. Been on a board of directors  as of this week
    8. Visited 26 states (plus Puerto Rico and DC) 
    9. Alyce and Me in 2010
    10. Lead a protest Okay so it was 3rd grade but it was more Black History than Dr. King and Rosa Parks and for Asian American History in May
    11. Built a computer from scratch actually probably over a dozen. lol
    12. Spent a week in Appalachia 
    13. Spent a week at the beach North Carolina, surf city, outer banks gotta love it
      Me in highschool.
    14. Spent a year volunteering  2 actually
    15. Learned to change a tire 
    16. Baked bread from scratch 
    17. Changed a starter on a car actually this is what I was doing when I met my ex-fiance's dad. lol he never did find me "wife material" 
    18. Delivered a baby  ...that'll happen in snow-ridden Appalachia
    19. Installed Solar Thanks GRID
    20. Climbed a waterfall in Jamaica
    21. Gone camping on the beach Yea North Carolina
    22. Learned a second language Of course Japanese, also 7 years of Latin, a tiny bit of German
    23. Read a book in a foreign language  A few actually my top favourites being the Aeneid in Latin "Arma virumque cano," ( I sing of arms and a man) and Steppenwolf in German
    24. Learned to play an instrument  Piano and fiddle
    25. Composed a song A couple, I mainly minored in music composition. I wrote some sappy stuff because I was in love (see item 6) though "Silven Wind" is pretty neat
    26. Started a business Hire Jasmine, Engineered Cupcake, I guess I've got the entrepreneurial spririt 
    27. Watched a space shuttle launch Atlantis in 1995
    28. Got my driving licence
    29. Invented an award Golden Conduit Bender for the win
    30. Hired and fired someone (not the same person)
    31. Had a tea party don't judge me...I love tea parties, fun stuff helps me remember I'm a girl and not some person who just spends their time doing calculations and climbing into, on top of and under buildings. 



    About me

    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.