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    7 things I learned this week

    1. DHW (Hot Water Heaters) are not supposed to catch fire: So I did actually know this. This week was doing an audit on a 4plex and in the basement doing a CAZ Worst case scenario. This worst case scenario? The tank caught fire. ooh. scary. But we've got a good plan to make sure that doesn't happen again.  It's a super old DHW so we're going to get a new one (replace both of them) and get some type b pipe. 
    2. Butter and shortening are not the same thing. Shortening melts at a higher temperature than butter so it remains solid longer giving the batter time to rise and set before it spreads. Thank-you Alton Brown, this helped in making those Cappuccino Chip cookies.

    3. Oh bureaucracy
      Bureaucracy is annoying  
      So as y'all know I'm in the process of getting my licenses for Engineered Cupcake. Alameda County department of Environmental Health and the City of Oakland have completely op-positional laws. The County says I need zoning clearance first, the city insists I need my food licence first. And yes these are both they're written rules. -_-  I have a meeting with ACEH Monday to present my labels though so hopefully it goes well. 
    4. flow chart w/o the flow

      Laplace transformation no longer frighten me.
      EIT, bring it on! *flexes* I haven't studied near enough. All I can do is study the best I can and do the best I can on this April exam. As I said before I'll take it in April and if I don't pass then I'll pony up the $950 and take the EITexperts class for October. 

    5. My dad makes awesome cake
      . Awesome Lego Cake.  This man never ceases to amaze me. But he's "gonna get got" Challenge Accepted! *sailor moon pose*
    6. HVAC has lots of moving parts: This whole transition from Electrical to Mechanical Engineering is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be.  HVAC, lots of moving parts that sometimes even electronics cannot fix in fact sometimes switches inhibit things. 
    7. I'm going to doing my first event as Engineered Cupcake next week!!! 
      That's the big news, I'm so excited I can't believe this is happening. I met with the Cottage Food Market yesterday and they liked the samples and all I'm in. Now I have to figure out what goodies I'm going to bake for next week. It's going to be next Saturday March 16th at the Firehouse Art Collective near Ashby BART. A post and all will soon follow.  I put some info on the EC facebook page so you can check it out there, while you're there you should totally like Engineered Cupcake!


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    We always need to learn things


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