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    Cottage Food Market

    Strawberry Chiffon with Champagne Buttercream and Irish Cream
    Brownies. Photos by Ofori Photos

    Saturday night, Engineered Cupcake had our first event as a vendor at the Cottage Food Market. It was at the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley near Ashby BART.  It was a great night, really got the word out about the biz.  As expected the name, "Engineered Cupcake" bemused and amused many while the baked goodies simply amazed. I'm just quoting

    I was so busy preparing, and trying not to get so anxious that I explode into pink glitter that I didn't take pictures of my stuff -_-  I'll do better next time.

    For the market I made

    1. Special Cranberry Muffins
    2. Super Special Cappuccino Chip Cookies
    3. Super Special Irish Cream Brownies
    4. Super Special Strawberry Chiffon Chibi and regular cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream
    5. Super Duper Special "Hella" Vegan Chibi Zucchini muffins
    6. Super Duper Special Lemon Blueberry corn muffins (gluten free)
    I'm in the background setting up!
    The Irish Cream Brownies were the surprise hit, was it because of St. Patrick's day?  or was it just that chocolate plus liquor is almost always a good plan?  Each of my goodies have some story behind them and it was fun to tell customers about the brownies. How this past Christmas I was talking to a soldier in the Army Corps of Engineers while waiting for our flight in Columbia, SC. I offered him a Irish Cream brownie, he takes one bite looks at me..at my hand and exclaimed "Why aren't you married!?" 
    That cracks me up every time. (^_^)

    Teveh cupcakes
    I got to try some of the other vendors goodies. Sara M., owner of Tevah gave me a sweet little sample box. Chickie's Smore cookies were so good that I ate them before I took a picture lol.  Yum!  In a stroke of irony I was situated in between super healthy A-Live bars and Chickie's Cookies. 

     Got my name out, met some others vendors. I really appreciate everyone who came and support the market.  The next one will be in May and will be there!

    Overall it was a great time. It really made me realize that Engineered Cupcake is a reality, it's happening. I work in energy efficiency full time and I run a bakeshop on the side. The dream is coming true!


    Patrick weseman said...

    It will come true. And all of your stuff was good.

    Charlotte Basilington said...

    Congratulations on your first event! I am so proud of you, and your desserts look heavenly. Yum!

    Jasmine Dk Shepard said...

    Patrick and Charlotte,

    Thanks so much ^_^


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