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    Engineered Cupcake Logo design, a process

    I'm ecstatic that the logo design is done!  It's really been a process as I figured out what Engineered Cupcake was all about.  An adorable tasty brand with the precision of an engineer. And pink, had to be some pink!

    very early sketches
    EC started as drawing, the idea was simple; a nerdy cupcake. Tried round glasses, oval glasses, binary sprinkles, circuit symbol sprinkles, finally deciding it should be a combination of binary, physics, and  math symbols and of course an ohm, Ohmmm... EE's are so centered :P.    Y'know, all the lovely things that make up a engineering education.  Eventually the cupcake's face was starting to look like me, smiling eyes that a shut closed, square-ish glasses, so I might'd as well put my beauty mark on there. So the logo design, essentially became me personified as a cupcake.

     The funniest part about this being when I showed drafts of this to friend and relatives, some who've known me all my life they were like "What mole?" *points*. People tend not to notice it until I wear lipstick and little old ladies have asked if it was penciled on. I'm a retrolover, but not that much. Some of us just have that classic beauty you know, Marilyn, Cindy,..and me ^_~

     then the banner that's been above for awhile. I wanted a multi color pattern. Fun brands should have lots of color rite?  That's what I thought. I shifted through a dozen combinations of pink,yellow, and blue. Then a pal from high school gave me a lot of good advise at a file of Bourges colour chart. When she mentioned it, the name was unfamiliar but when I saw it, it looked familiar.  Back on Illustrator I test a million colour combinations, or at least a few dozens...

    so Oaklandish
    raver cupcake!

    finally deciding on these  3 levels of pink. the sprinkles got bigger and fewer and I'm very happy with the final design.  Ordering the first batch of business cards which have an extra subtle engineering reference, the background is grid paper but not just any grid paper, engineering grid paper. Yea, engineers are so awesome we have our own paper.

    First EC business card

    Next up? Ordering an apron with the logo for events!

    Happy Monday ^_^


    Charlotte Rousseau said...

    I like the green ones it reminds me of Oakland, well how I imagine it. I know your business is going to be a huge success! Donyale and Quint loved your Christmas parcel of brownies and shortbread.

    Patrick weseman said...

    Very nice

    Jasmine Dk Shepard said...

    Charlotte - Thanks cousin! I really liked the green one too. Like a lot. One of these days perhaps I'll find an excuse to use it somehere. It was actually in my top 3 but in the end there had to pink.

    Patrick - Thanks!


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